Energasia’s founders have extensive experience of over 50 years in developing and managing energy production, distribution and efficiency projects for a wide variety of clients in India, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In India, Energasia’s primary target market has been to operate and maintain streetlight networks.

In 2002, through management buy-out, Energasia Pty Ltd purchased some of the assets of Command Energy Pty Ltd (Australian subsidiary of Suez Ltd of France).

In 2008, Energasia India was incorporated. It embarked upon several Energy Efficiency projects mainly in lighting sector, that included both in-door and out- door lights.

In 2011, Energasia formed a joint venture in India with a subsidiary of Electricity De France, Paris (eDF). Through this subsidiary we operated and managed over 230,000 streetlights for cities of Ahmedabad and Indore.

In 2016, through management buy-out, Energasia has purchased AEL ESCO. AEL ESCO manages over 375,000 street lights in India, over 14 cities.

Energasia has also been developing technology and business process for creating cost effective solutions for Smart Cities in India. In our quest

to be foremost in this field, Energasia along with its partners have developed a wireless Smart street communication system that can integrate with various existing outdoor (street furniture like streetlights, waste bins, traffic signals, bus shelter, etc) and indoor furniture to wirelessly collect and transmit any kind of data bi-directionally. Such data collected can be used to analyse, and activate controller’s to perform desired functions. Thus optimising the cost of operations. We have also been able to build an open ended communication platform for Internet of Things (IoT) for smart cities.

Energasia is an exclusive channel partner of Ericsson India for their Smart Telecom grade street light pole, which is an essential building block of Smart Cities.

We also have exclusive agreements with the major technology players in different fields of smart cities. This allows Energasia to provide end to end solutions including O&M support for all the smart cities in India, making it a market leader in this segment.